Carla began her yoga journey in London in 2014…


The practice of yoga had always resonated with her, but she found it hard to cultivate a regular dedicated practice, partly due to a feeling that yoga was always behind a veil, a mystery she didn’t understand, but probably more so due to a burn the candle at both ends London lifestyle.

Moving to Peckham in 2015, she fell in love with a local studio and something just clicked.

Carla completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Vinyasa Flow with YogaLondon in 2017 and began teaching through her co-founded pop up - Dynamic Life Yoga, alongside teaching corporate clients and private 1-2-1 classes. Carla now teaches in her home city of Sydney.

Carla’s physical practice is strong and powerful, yet playful, with a focus on finding that fine balance between strength and flexibility. Stoking the Agni - the fire - to arrive at the blissful ‘yoga-stoned’ - where the body tires and the mind clears.